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Order Number: U8670043
Detachable Eddy Current Probe Kit. Includes 1 each of the following: Conductivity sorting block (set of six), Aluminum crack block with three EDM notches (.008 in.,0.020...read more
Order Number: U8670003
"Probe Kit, SPO-5965 .156-.750.Includes one each in a shipping/storage case:9230061 .156 - .187 Probe9219979 .187 - .218 Probe9219980 .218 - .250 Probe9219981 .250 - .28...read more
Order Number: U8670005
Univeral rotary hole probe kit with storage/shipping case.Includes eight SPO-5965 probes between 0.156 and 0.500 inch (3.96-12.7mm). Self-Expanding, operating frequency ...read more
Order Number: U8670013
"Rotating scanner probe kit for use with MiniMite Fischer or Spitfire scanner. Contains 1 each of the following in a shipping/storage container: 9230531 - SPO-5965 .125 ...read more
Order Number: U8670016
Weld inspection kits containing 1 each of the following in a shipping/storage case:WLD-5-63 (probe)WLD-8-55 (probe)NEC-2236 (probe)SRSM-51020S-WLD (reference standard wi...read more
Order Number: U8670018
Weld inspection kit, PowerLink version (7 pin LEMO connectors) containing 1 each of the following:WLD-5-63/7L (9403362)WLD-8-55/7L (9403356)NEC-2236/7L (9403361)SRSM-510...read more
Order Number: U8670107
"Probe kit, ""SUB"" scanner series:13 probes with standard working lengths. Probes ""SUB-8-10"" through ""SUB-44-48"". Includes shipping/ transport kit capable of storin...read more

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