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Order Number: U8020731
In-Xitu Sample Spatula
Order Number: U8991116
TERRA & BTX SAMPLE SIEVE System requires dry samples of < 150um in diameter. To achieve this, a sample is ground (rock crusher available, p/n 94009) and then processe...read more
Order Number: U8999594
Air Filter (Terra Only): Terra uses two filters to ensure the instrument remains at the proper operating temperature without reducing dust contamination. The filters sho...read more
Order Number: U8991117
TERRA & BTX SAMPLE CRUSHER Mortar has flat-bottomed cylindrical cavity fitted with a removable sleeve for retaining crushed material in cavity. Pestle fits snugly inside...read more
Order Number: U8991118
TERRA & BTX SAMPLE PREP FIELD KIT. Includes sample crusher, spoon, spatula, sieve set, rock hammer, cordless drills, sample cleaning tools, cell replacement kit, andn ha...read more
Order Number: U8024657
SCREW DRIVER BALL STD 1.5MM HEX 2.5LG to mount/un-mount the screws from Terra and BTX II sample cells.
Order Number: U8024658
SET OF 20 M2.5 X 4MM BUTTON HEAD SOCKET SCREWS to be used with Terra and BTX II sample cells

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