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WINDOW, PROLENE, 6 micrometer, DELTA (Set of 10)
Test Block. 5-Step. 1018 Carbon Steel. English Unit .100 in., .200 in., .300 in., .400 in., .500 in. Precision Thickness
Couplant. Glycerin 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle (.06 liters), up to 200 degree . F (90 degree C)
BNC to Microdot. 6 ft. RG-174
Dual Transducer, 5 MHz, 0.434 in. Tip Diameter, Straight Microdot Connector, to be used with the LCMD-316-5B cable (cable is not included)
Dual Transducer, 7.5 MHz, 0.283 in. Tip Diameter, Right Angle Potted Integral Cable (cable is permanently attached and not replaceable)
Cable. Standard LEMO to Microdot. 4 ft. RG-174
Dual molded LEMO 00 to Microdot cable, 5 ft, for use with the D790-SM
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